secangkir kopi & sebatang lisong

a good friend of mine, Ebee recomended a song named “secangkir kopi & sebatang lisong” by Dangerdope (interesting title, isnt it?), then I went to visit Dangerdope’s soundcloud and check em all, surprisingly the songs are kinda addicting.

Dangerdope is a project of DJ Rencong, a native of Aceh province in the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Started in 2005 and today based in Jakarta, it is a project of hip-hop, instrumental, soul, funk, jazz and drum and bass jugle which he combined with sound bites from movies, talk shows, conversations, old Vynil and many other things into music he refers to as a sound collage.

bunga dan tembok

Fajar Merah, putra dari Widji Thukul seorang aktifis dan penyair yang masuk daftar hilang di masa akhir orde baru. Fajar menyanyikan puisi karya ayahnya yang berjudul “Bunga dan Tembok”. everytime I listen, it breaks my heart, such a powerful song :)

Bunga dan Tembok

Seumpama bunga
Kami adalah bunga yang tak
Kau hendaki tumbuh
Engkau lebih suka membangun
Rumah dan merampas tanah

Seumpama bunga
Kami adalah bunga yang tak
Kau kehendaki adanya
Engkau lebih suka membangun
Jalan raya dan pagar besi

Seumpama bunga
Kami adalah bunga yang
Dirontokkan di bumi kami sendiri

Jika kami bunga
Engkau adalah tembok itu
Tapi di tubuh tembok itu
Telah kami sebar biji-biji
Suatu saat kami akan tumbuh bersama
Dengan keyakinan: engkau harus hancur!

Dalam keyakinan kami
Di manapun — tirani harus tumbang!

pop kinetik

few tracks from indonesia song late 90s and early 2000s such as traxap, potret, humania, imanez, rumah sakit, oppie andaresta and so on. there are 23 tracks that you can listen for 1 hour and 23 minutes, enjoy :)

brighter than sunshine

this one ’18 tracks’ playlist for kids and you, hope you enjoy it :)

there’s also another my mini playlist for kids that i made for #sedekahmusik. check this out!

memory lane

“the grass is so high, i can’t see over. and the moon is so full. it’s setting the stars all on fire.” -mirah

meneduh #3

love themed songs. feel the cheesiness and enjoy the moment :)

hanky panky

songs from The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Serge Gainsbourg, Queen, Nancy Sinatra, Lulu, Gesang, etc those are covered by 60s – 80s indonesian, thai, singaporean, and chinese singers. let’s twist and shout!


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