my mango waffle nights

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Somehow my mango waffle with vanilla ice cream I just ate, brought me to Wong Kar Wai’s ‘My Blueberry Nights’ last scene. The one I keep coming back to because the entire film is meant to come up to this point. The kiss scene. The cuts to the blueberry pie with melting ice cream. Love found. Life accepted.

terang bulan


“Yes, it’s the guitar, but not always as we know it. Some of the instruments here are homemade, occasionally fantastic interpretations of the idea of a guitar, while others are the real thing. Either way, it’s the music that captivates, whether it’s “Stambul Naturil,” a surprising song that sounds as if it’s been plucked directly from Appalachia, or a tune that’s zoomed in from another planet like “Kolo Kot Matani.” What it illustrates perfectly is the global ubiquity of the guitar, and this often not only challenges our assumptions about the way it can be played, but offers a fascinating insight into music from the many places that make up Indonesia. It’s a record that continually defies preconceptions, throwing the listener firmly and uncompromisingly into another culture. “Sungguh Terpaksa” is almost primitive rock, and “Langgam Di Bawar Bulan Purnama” carries strong, lyrical echoes of Hawaii.”

If you want unusual lullaby to serenade your sleep, this album from Smithsonian Folkway Recording Label will give you romantic and even a little cheesy lyrical of love. sweet to listen at night under the moonshine.

you can get this album at iTunes store;

samurai noodles

a badass instant noodle ad with amazing drawing skill. it’s so pretty❤

electropop joe


Joe Hisaishi is well known as a japanese grand master who has composed and directed hundreds of epic scores for Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki animations ‘Totoro’, ‘Spirited Away’, ‘Laputa Castle In The Sky’, ‘The Wind Rises’, Takeshi Kitano’s movies ‘Kikujiro’, ‘Hanabi’, ‘Brother’, Yojiro Takita’s sentimental movie ‘Departure’, and still many more.

In circa 1980s to 90s, Hisaishi strengthened his reputation as one of the budding anime industry’s top musical contributors, his compositions would proceed to become some of the very hallmarks of early anime. Hisaishi also composed for such TV and movie hits .

He also did theme song arrangements and composed other anime opening, closing, and insert title theme songs such as Maho Shojo Lalabel (1980), Hello! Sandybell (1981), Meiken Jolie(1981), Voltron (1981), Ai Shite Knight (1983), Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel: Curtain Call (1986), and Kimagure Orange Road: The Movie (1988). As more exposure was given to Hisaishi and the anime industry, his career grew. He initiated a solo career, began to produce music, and created his own label (Wonder Land Inc.) in 1988.

Here’s few tracks from Joe Hisaishi’s 80s anime theme song. Let’s enjoy the mixing tape.

01. (00:00) Main Theme – “Venus Wars”
02. (03:00) Shakunetsu no Circuit (Red Hot Circuit)
03. (06:48) Techno Police – “Techno Police 21C”
04. (09:57) Love Theme
05. (13:34) Ouke no Monshou – Main Theme – “Ouke no Monshou” (Crest of the Royal Family)
06. (19:02) Carol
07. (22:57) Yume no Tsubasa (Wings of Dreams – Instrumental) – “Honoo no Alpen Rose: Judy & Randy” (Alpenrose of Fire Judy and Randy)
08. (24:20) Yume no Tsubasa (Wings of Dreams – Memory)
09. (26:18) Wakakusa no Negai (The Girl’s Wishes)
10. (30:06) Tsuioku no Bara (The Rose of Remembrance – Leonhardt Aschenbach)
11. (34:32) Theme of “Birth” – “Birth”
12. (39:07) Atsuki Kokoro ni (Heated Heart)
13. (42:11) Presence III – Robot Carnival “Presence”
14. (44:59) Heart & Hand – Robot Carnival “Starlight Angel”
15. (49:11) Arion – Main Theme – “Arion”
16. (51:21) Resphoina
17. (57:14) Tori no You ni (Like a Bird) – “Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to That Day”

happy end 1973

been looking this Happy End’s 1973 album for years, and finally found someone uploaded this mixtape on youtube. if, anyone knows where I can get it this album on mp3 with individual tracks, please let me know. for now let’s enjoy  this 1973’s mixtape track.


01.-風来坊 Furaibo 0:00
02.-氷雨月のスケッチ Hisamezuki No Sukecchi (Sketch) 3:35
03.-明日あたりはきっと春 Ashita Atari Ha Kitto Haru 6:43
04.-無風状態 Mufu Jotai 10:47
05.-さよなら通り3番地 Sayonara Dori Sanbanchi 14:07
06.-相合傘 Aiaigasa 17:24
07.-田舎道 Inakamichi 20:33
08.-外はいい天気 Soto Ha Ii Tenki 23:14
09.-さよならアメリカ さよならニッポン Sayonara Amerika Sayonara Nippon 25:34

eid 1437h

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The new moon has finally been spotted, signalling the breaking of the Ramadan fast and the start of Eid.

May the magic of this Eid bring lots of happiness in your life and may you celebrate it with all your close friends & may it fill your heart with wonders. Happy Eid Mubarak:)

where is the friend’s home?

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You don’t always need gun battles, explosion and spectacularly choreographed mayhem to enjoy a movie, sometimes what you (maybe only me) need just sitting back and watching visually hypnotic about a young boy’s journey to deliver homework back to his friend. The ending shot would bring a smile and warm into your heart. And also the wide-eyed lead child actor with this earnestness and expression makes you get into the shoes of a child once again. Thank you Abbas Kiarostami. You may rest in peace. Salute.

There are also few names Iranian filmmakers you should check their works, there are Majid Majidi ‘Children of Heaven’, Shirin Neshat ‘Women Without Men’, and Marjane Satrapi with her famous ‘Persepolis’ and ‘Chicken with Plum’.


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