tiga dara

today, surprisingly found the song i’ve been looking for ages. this song is from me and my mom’s favorite movie ‘Tiga Dara’; an old black and white indonesia movie from circa 50’s. ‘siapa namanja’ is my most favorite song from Tiga Dara’s tracks. suddenly one youtube channel that i just subscribed, uploaded this song ‘Siapa Namaja’ and there are also other musical scene videos from ‘Tiga Dara’; Tamasja, Pilih Menantu, Letnan Hardi, Senandung Lagu Lama, Djuwita dan Lagu Gembira and Tiga Dara’s theme song. thank you so much dedes61!

it’s been around 16 years since i watched for the first and last time on TVRI (Indonesia National TV Channel), and the time i fell in love at first listened to this song ‘Siapa Namanja’. what a simply romantic song 🙂

is there anyone know where i can find or watch out the movie somewhere in jakarta? please let me know 😉


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