where is the friend’s home?

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.15.48 PM

You don’t always need gun battles, explosion and spectacularly choreographed mayhem to enjoy a movie, sometimes what you (maybe only me) need just sitting back and watching visually hypnotic about a young boy’s journey to deliver homework back to his friend. The ending shot would bring a smile and warm into your heart. And also the wide-eyed lead child actor with this earnestness and expression makes you get into the shoes of a child once again. Thank you Abbas Kiarostami. You may rest in peace. Salute.

There are also few names Iranian filmmakers you should check their works, there are Majid Majidi ‘Children of Heaven’, Shirin Neshat ‘Women Without Men’, and Marjane Satrapi with her famous ‘Persepolis’ and ‘Chicken with Plum’.

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