happy end 1973

been looking this Happy End’s 1973 album for years, and finally found someone uploaded this mixtape on youtube. if, anyone knows where I can get it this album on mp3 with individual tracks, please let me know. for now let’s enjoy  this 1973’s mixtape track.


01.-風来坊 Furaibo 0:00
02.-氷雨月のスケッチ Hisamezuki No Sukecchi (Sketch) 3:35
03.-明日あたりはきっと春 Ashita Atari Ha Kitto Haru 6:43
04.-無風状態 Mufu Jotai 10:47
05.-さよなら通り3番地 Sayonara Dori Sanbanchi 14:07
06.-相合傘 Aiaigasa 17:24
07.-田舎道 Inakamichi 20:33
08.-外はいい天気 Soto Ha Ii Tenki 23:14
09.-さよならアメリカ さよならニッポン Sayonara Amerika Sayonara Nippon 25:34


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