tiga dara 4k


Usmar Ismail’s Tiga Dara is my all time favorite movie since I was a kid. The last time in 2012, I had a chance to re-watched this movie in Museum Bank Mandiri for ‘Lajar Tanjep’ which’s held by Ade Poernama. That time, the quality of the film was pretty bad, it got scratch everywhere, dirty, and dust. The sound was awful.

Few months later on June 2012, Lewat Djam Malam, another Usmar Ismail’s masterpiece got an opportunity to be screened in cinemas after a year restoration process in¬†Laboratorium L’Immagine Ritrovata, Bologna, Italia. I wished Tiga Dara would also have a chance one day.

In 2015, my wish came true, ‘Tiga Dara’ won a golden ticket to get restorated at the same laboratory with its brother ‘Lewat Djam Malam’. After 17 months process, the movie finally has been screened start from few days ago on 11 August 2016 in cinemas.

The 4k quality is fantastic, it’s pretty clear and clean, the sound’s amazing. I can see all my favorite scenes clearly. Can’t wait for the Blu-ray DVDs released on next year.

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