jerry paper

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Who is Jerry Paper: The Infinity Between One and Zero?

Jerry Paper is the sonic caricature of Los Angeles-based musician Lucas Nathan. Brought into the world after Nathan’s previous, more abstract projects dissolved into the ether, Jerry Paper represents a cartoonish vision of Self materialized through Jerry’s bizarre vision of pop music.

And check out his latest LP album “Toon Time Raw!”. All day saturday, the whole album is gold.

  1. In The Puzzle Room (00:00)
  2. Ginger & Ruth (00:40)
  3. Zoom Out (03:01)
  4. Kill The Dream (05:44)
  5. Stargazers (10:01)
  6. Benny Knows (13:19)
  7. Gracie II (15:34)
  8. Comma For Cow (19:54)
  9. Elastic Last Act (23:27)
  10. Hijinks Ensue (27:14)
  11. Shouldn’t You Be Laughing (31:20)
  12. Jumbo Ron (33:03)
  13. Plans (36:18)
  14. Nirvana Manana (38:56)

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