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samurai noodles

a badass instant noodle ad with amazing drawing skill. it’s so pretty ❤


go pro: a day in the life

super like to this video. the concept, the camera, the music, and ryan sheckler are totally gonna make you drool a lot.

a day of hand

women, everything is on their own hands. isn’t it? 🙂

pocari sweat 2010

takeshi kitano, TOE, shing02 for pocari sweat japan 2010 TVC. i really need pocari sweatto right now!

super fun underwear

i really would like to have one, wonder woman!

docomo summer collection 2010 ad

the new summer collection of docomo 2010.

ring a ding dong ring a ding ding dong. :3

the children are bored on sundays

oliver peoples’ 2010 campaign film “les enfants sennuient le dimanche” (the children are bored on sundays).
directed by autumn de wilde.
featuring elijah wood and shirley manson (from garbage).

soundtrack “just you and me” by zee avi.